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We do things a little different...

We offer extensive chiropractic care that intentionally expands into all the dimensions of your well being.   

 Let me give you an example: (back pain is common....right?)

Let's say you have back pain and you come to our office for help.  The first thing we will do is answer any questions you have about us, then we will have you fill out some paper work stating the basics.  Next, we will complete a physical examination of your health status at this moment.  This will allow us to measure your improvement in the future and also give us a good idea of how and what we can do for you in the present.  Once we discuss this information, the fun begins!  

If you choose to be adjusted physically, Dr. Will will take great care of you by manually making corrections to your spine, legs and arms to remove interference in your nervous system.  He also loves a good stretch for those overworked muscles.  (Ask about his marker board, he loves that.)

Next you have the option to play with Dr.Carrie.  She uses unique chiropractic techniques to access your emotional realities with the goal of breaking patterns that no longer serve you.  

Another example, within this example seems necessary...

Let's say you have a hard time finding a job, or maybe that you can't understand your mom, or maybe you keep falling for the "wrong" guy...well, it might be that some where you are sabotaging yourself from that new job, that great understanding with your mom or the significant relationship of your dreams.  Weirdly, this emotional distortion seems to creating a "pain in your back."  Dr. Carrie has a few games you might want to play!

Side note-  By now you might have picked up on the "fun" that exists in our office...not to be mistaken for insincerity.  We believe that laughter, light and love are healing modalities that exceed direction and intention, thus we imbue Creative Healing with such energies.

But the fun doesn't stop there!  Dr. Carrie also uses CerebroSpinal Fluid Technique (CSFT) to correct the flow of spinal fluid as it travels from your brain to all the areas of your nervous system.  It takes about 15 minutes, feels like an amazing spinal massage and is thought to remove interference to allow proper movement of Kundalini energy throughout your being!  Beautiful!

As if that wasn't enough, we also offer Reiki sessions, other energy healing of personal creation, ionic foot baths and hugs...the hugs are complimentary.  

What did we start with?...oh yeah, back pain...I guess the point is, we have a few ideas on how to help you.   

Want to know more?  Call us sometime...770 319 6633!  And have an amazing day! 


"Let your actions mirror your heart and you will know truth."

-Dr. Carrie 

"I don't have a quote off the top of my head."

-Dr. Will 

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  • "Amazing atmosphere!"
    Mary D.
  • "I love the fact that Dr. Will and Dr. Carrie take the time to answer my questions. They really do care! "
    Stephanie M.

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