Mindfulness used in therapy helps to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss, relationship issues, work transitions and creativity issues.



The process of taking an interest in one's own moment to moment experience includes discovery and adventure. It asks you to take an honest and real look at your own complaints, patterns, core beliefs and values. 

Therapy encourages states of being alert and attentive to one's own internal life. It is important to note that this may cause discomfort and resistance.  Just like with so many things in life, giving yourself time and patience is integral in the process of building your capacity to be mindful.

With mindfulness, discomfort and pain become more manageable. 

People usually find that being mindful is incredibly empowering because it offers freedom of choice.  The goal of increased awareness is to expand the repertoire of responses a person has to the inevitable, provoking situations involved in daily life. Finding peace happens, despite the uncertainties of life, as one is fully engaged in the present.