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SOulcollage® Workshops in san francisco

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 SoulCollage® is a creative process that is therapeutic, and relieves stress and anxiety.

SoulCollage® is a deeply powerful and insightful process that invites you to connect with your "you-ness" using a creative and straightforward method. This process invites your right-brain to pick images in order for something meaningful in your life to be expressed. Through the cutting and pasting of images you have selected with your intuition, you are able to expand your appreciation of being a complex human and a spiritual being. You begin to appreciate the ways you are an unique individual (a whole person) and, also, have many different parts (aka: all your varying, differing and perhaps conflicting roles, interests, traits and subpersonalities). 

After creating a personalized collage with clipped pictures, you dialogue with the images and the energy of the card. This is where the left-brain is invited to dialogue with the soulcollage® cards that are created.  Inquiry questions help you to understand the meaning and messages of these images. SoulCollage® integrates creativity and intuition.

Using the I Am One Who... process, developed by Seena Frost, wisdom and truths reveal themselves. Journalling or scribing is important to record what guidance or information came forward in the creative and intuitive process. I offer workshops that introduce participates to SoulCollage® or nurture an already established relationship with the process. 

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