Creativity in a Healing Environment:

Connecting creative expression with valuable insight & catharsis

We all need time to play, dream, imagine and explore. Adolescence and adulthood can strip us of the permission to be creative and imaginative because it is 'childlike'. Many respond to this by disconnecting from their playful, creative and imaginative parts. In my psychotherapy practice, I offer a creative and healing therapeutic space where 'talk' therapy and creative, expressive therapy meet. Using mindfulness and creativity, I help clients develop their ability to be self-reflective so that they can respond to life with greater flexibility and self-trust.

Dreamwork in therapy, as a creative and healing process, helps with anxiety, stress, depression, codependency and relationship issues.

Dream work

Develop the practice of remembering and being curious about your nightly dreams. You may notice certain themes, figures, qualities and sensations in your dreams. I will help you to be patient and curious as you discover meaning and have insights. Being creative in a depth-ful and therapeutic manner may bring up difficult and uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and sensations. Therapy helps clients move through grief and pain in order to find healing and relief.   


Sand tray in therapy helps with relieving anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, trauma and grief.

Sand Tray

Feel empowered and inspired to play with sand and figurines. Sand tray allows the client to create their own unique miniature world in the sand. Trays can be created spontaneously to see what emerges and can also be approached with an intention. Similar to dreamwork, sand tray facilitates a dialogue with your unconscious. Bringing the unconscious into consciousness helps clients gain understanding  and connection. Understanding your self better through creativity and therapy can contribute to feelings of satisfaction and calm.



In this video Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage®, describes the process of making SoulCollage® cards. SoulCollage® is an amazing process which can help you to "Discover your wisdom. Change your world."