Couples Therapy

Therapy as self-love & Love for another

I offer Couples the environment to communicate and explore together in order to address and acknowledge the difficulties and strengths within their relationship.  The couples therapy I offer is engaged, creative and builds trust. I support and guide couples in trying something new and imaginative in order to create and manifest the practical changes they are craving.  We will discuss treatment goals and strategies within a space where every's voice is heard. 

A couple may include those in a romantic relationship, as well as two friends, family members, or co-workers.

Couples Therapy can help you Achieve

  • Relief from uncomfortable symptoms
  • Stronger sense of self
  • Better boundaries
  • More effective communication style
  • More fun and pleasure
  • Increased trust and appreciation
  • Felt sense of support and care
  • More effective problem solving and coping skills
  • Changes that lead to increased health and wellness
  • Increased experiences of connection and sharing

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