Self Care- Part 3

 Self care is essential for relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

Everyone's pace and process is different:

It can take time to figure out a manageable and ongoing self care routine. 

By: Alkmini Hormovas, LMFT


Understanding what helps you better cope, manage and thrive despite life's disappointments and aggravations is what self care is all about. 

I have seen that it can take time to figure out a manageable and ongoing self care routine. There is a lot of experimentation and play that can occur in this process.

In my last post, I listed questions that can help start the process of identifying what is missing in your daily self care. Being honest about your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health as it is now helps to shape your immediate next steps.

For example, you identify are not sleeping enough and this interferes with mental clarity and your mood.  As an immediate next step, you set a reasonable and achievable self care goal.  Get one more hour of sleep per week. Reassess in one month (do not skip this step).  Another example is: You have stopped doing an activity that you once really loved to do. You no longer visit the library, take baths, read particular books or take walks in nature. Take the time to decipher if this activity still appeals to you. Take care in being curious and investigating why you have stopped doing something that used to bring you enjoyment. 

being realistic and kind to yourself while setting a self care goal leaves less room for self sabotage and procrastination.  

You may even find that you exceed your reasonable self care goal... and that feels great!

You know when a self care practice has been integrated when it becomes a habit that you do without much planning or effort. My next blog post will be about developing daily success habits through self-concern. Self concern will be distinguished from selfishness.

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