Non Violence

 Nonviolence through mindfulness assists in reducing anxiety, depression, trauma and other uncomfortable symptoms. Therapy can help you learn nonviolence towards self and others.

What helps and what hurts?

Improving self care & interpersonal relationships involves willpower

By: Alkmini Hormovas, LMFT


We all possess power that is our own and everyday we can channel or ignore that energy within us.

Misusing and neglecting personal power can can cause significant symptoms of discomfort and pain. In today's world, it seems that we have an overwhelming tendency to, energetically and otherwise, put other people down. Labels, stereotypes, generalizations, name calling, inappropriate jokes, harassment, violence, abuse, etc all work to put one person or group in a lesser-than position. This sucks for our society and world. 

There is a glaring sense of discontent and disharmony in our world that we all pick up on in one way or another.

I'm not saying anything new here. Many might not notice how they take on or carry this energetic load offered by culture, society and the world-at-large. I have noticed that people who feel anxiety and depressive symptoms caused by these external factors are typically neglecting or not dealing with major ways they need to care for themselves.

Symptoms that cause discomfort and dis-ease usually require some physical, emotional, mental and/or energetic self care practice that currently is not in place. Implementing and grounding a self care practice requires willpower and health-based decision making.

Imagine that ignoring your personal needs and wants qualifies as self-violence. How often do we act against ourselves? How often do we ignore and stifle what our gut really says? How often do we override our instinct, intuition and heart? How often do we put others down so that we don't feel so bad about our own issues?

Practicing non violence begins within. Value and protect personal power. Measure how you protect yourself and how you compete. Monitor decision-making. 

Remember, we are all linked. Trying to destroy others means destroying ourselves. 

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