Creativity in Therapy

Nourishing creativity positively impacts:

-sense of self

-experience of who we are in the world

-what gives us energy & meaning in life 

By Alkmini Hormovas, LMFT

Creativity and imagination help clients in therapy heal as alternate ways of thinking, feeling and coping are discovered, developed and maintained.

Creativity and therapy work in tandem as ideas, beliefs, themes, images, patterns, etc are explored. Cultivating the awareness of left brain & right brain (whole-brain) processes can facilitate psychological and emotional insight, as well as the discovery of healthier perspectives and solutions. Clients often share that they are able to access something or "go somewhere" internally that is unexpected and psychologically and emotionally beneficial because of the use of creativity in sessions.

Mindfulness and creativity in therapy requires letting go of the self-imposed censorship that we all adopt through societal views about what we should say, think, feel and do. I enjoy helping clients express and embrace themselves, exactly as they are in that moment.  Creativity opens us to move past the internal resistance and blocks that keep them stuck and frustrated in life. Clients are able to draw on these experiences and use the helpful information in their daily life.